Health Travel Insurance and other Retail Insurance

Retail health insurance policies

A health Insurance policy is a financial safety shield that protects you and your family during medical emergencies. It comes with several benefits such as paying your medical bills including pre and post hospitalization expenses, protect your savings and get tax benefits.

Retail health insurance policies in India offer individuals safeguard against unexpected health related set back. As trusted insurance broker, we specialize in providing personalized insurance solutions tailored to the needs of individual and corporate employees as well.

We ensure our clients for their peace of mind and financial protection by ensuring their health insurance and claims at time of their need.



Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance Plan (GHI)

Group health Insurance plan is a tailor-made health insurance cover designed to provide hospitalization benefit to all employees of a company/organization/factory.

GHI can be extended to members of association/club provided the same is not constituted solely for obtaining GHI cover.

For the policy to be extended to the Company the existence of employer/employee relationship is a must.

GHI are customized to the needs of the employer and certain exclusions of the standard retail health policy can be carved back. The premium for the group as a whole is quite competitive as the advantage of spreading of risk across a large population works to the advantage of the Corporate.

The group policy takes care of midterm addition of new employees by allowing for pro-rata addition, similarly deletion of employees due to superannuation or any other reason is allowed, and refund permitted.

The unique feature of a GHI is that it covers pre-existing diseases resulting in hospitalization cover from day ONE , room rent charges can be standardized and additional covers written .


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that is custom-made for people going on domestic and international travels. It addresses the various risks that one may face during travels, including hospitalization, medical expenses, loss of luggage or documents, cancellation or disruption of flights, and various other costs.

Travel insurance covers you from the date of departure till your arrival back at the place of origin. For frequent fliers, a travel plan that remains effective for a certain period is more suitable as it covers multiple travels during the policy period.


Home Insurance

Indemnify the Insured in respect of loss or damage to the building wherein the house of the Insured is situated and/or contents which shall for purposes of this Section, mean and include items of property in the Insured’s house and/or items of property therein for which the Insured is accountable.